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10 True and False Questions about Your Tumble Dryer


  1. The different types of tumble dryer include front loader, combo, twin tub, and top loader.  T/F
  2. A tumble dryer is never going to be an eco-friendly appliance as it uses too much energy.  T/F
  3. The right brand can save you from having service and repairs.  T/F
  4. If you pick the right type of tumble dryer it can save you money on your dry cleaning bills with a dry cleaning setting.  T/F
  5. A tumble dryer has the main purpose of drying your clothes.  T/F
  6. When a dryer is used right there is no need for an iron.  T/F
  7. There are not many different brands of tumble dryers on the market today.  T/F
  8. A tumble dryer is simple to use.  T/F
  9. To have your clothes look their best it is essential that you understand the different settings on your tumble dryer.  T/F
  10. A tumble dryer is not a necessity if you have a washing machine.  T/F



  1. False.  The different types of dryers are the heat pump, combo, or condenser tumble dryer.
  2. False.  There are many eco-friendly models available.
  3. False.  All appliances need repairs and services from time to time.
  4. True.
  5. True.
  6. False.  Some materials will require you to use your iron.
  7. False.  There are many different brands available.
  8. True.
  9. True.
  10. True.

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