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A Simple Guide to Washing Machine installation

Purchasing a new washing machine can be fun, but then you take it home and then what?  You wanted to save money by installing it yourself, but now you’re starting to wonder if you took on more than you can handle.

Installing your washing machine yourself does not have to be a daunting task.  Follow this simple guide to get your machine up and running in no time.

The first step is to attach the standpipe.  Connect a standpipe to a P-trap attached to the vent system and drainage.  The standpipe needs to have a bigger diameter than the hose.  The top ought to be over the water level of the washer; this will stop overflows from occurring.

The next step is to connect the washer supply hoses.  Attach cold and hot water lines utilising water-pump pliers.  Switch on the water valves and run the washing machine.  Tighten any loose connections.

How to install your new washing machine

Once you have bought your washing machine follow this simple guide to washing machine installation

The last step is to ensure that the washing machine is level.  Make certain that the machine is securely seated on the floor and completely level to prevent loud banging and ‘walking’.  You can use a bubble or carpenter’s level on the top of the machine.  Make any adjustments to the legs and secure locknuts against the frame.

Now you are done and you can use your washing machine!  To complete your laundry area looka t some tumble dryer options, perhaps a new LG dryer is the way to go.  LG provides thought-out designs, high performance and advanced features to restyle how you dry your clothes.

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