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Appliances, Appliances, Appliances.

Whether they are big, small or from far and wide; we DELIVER appliances straight to your doorstep. Think kitchen, cleaning, cooking, home and personal appliances. We are talking fridges, microwaves, tumble dryers, dishwashers, tumble dryers and MORE. So, whether you are looking for premium, luxury appliances or need to get the best value for your money, we have a product to match every budget.

Appliance Online has gone APPLIANCE CRAZY

Buying Appliances on Credit:

Appliance Online has the FIRST ONLINE CREDIT APPLICATION SERVICE for appliances in South Africa; our goal is to revolutionize online shopping for you. Not only does our credit service allow you to make big ticket purchases without the hassle of paying the full amount upfront but we also let you CUSTOMIZE YOUR DESIRED PAYMENT PERIOD according to what financially works best for you. Instead of making a once off payment, do it over a period of time, manage your money, YOU CALL THE SHOTS. We want the credit process to be transparent and accessible. Appliance Online promotes smart, responsible and conscious credit consumer behavior so if you have any questions related to our credit buying process contact our expert credit team on (011) 083 8310.

Customer Support and Delivery

Our goal is to IMPRESS our customer from the first point of interaction with our website. We want to give you an enjoyable, convenient and efficient shopping experience. Most importantly, we want you to get that in-store experience online with the added benefits of increased efficiency and price transparency. We have a JOHANNESBURG BASED CUSTOMER SUPPORT TEAM who are available to provide handy tips, expert advice and to assist you through the purchase process. With Appliance Online you get the expertise, assistance and interaction a shop assistant may provide; all from your couch at home or behind your desk at work, with the added benefits of browsing the COUNTRY’S LARGEST RANGE OF PRODUCT and prices.

Appliance Online LOVES YOU just as much as we love Appliances


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