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Are Dishwashers Good for the Environment?

Dishwashers have been getting a bad name as one of the many kitchen appliances that are not good for the environment.  The reason for this is generally not because of the dishwasher itself but instead because of the detergent that is used in the dishwasher as well as excessive water consumption.


If you are concerned with washing dishes and the impact on the environment then you should be concerned about washing them at all.  Dishwashers are not the most eco-friendly appliances but they only use a little bit more energy than washing dishes by hand but they both use the harmful chemicals to clean the dishes.  In fact there are even those who would have you believe that it is not safe for you to wash your dishes with these detergents because they could potentially negatively impact your health.


Thankfully today there are options that will help you make sure that your dishwasher detergent and/or dish soap is not going to have a lasting effects.  In fact there are many different detergents and soaps on the market today that are all natural and contain none of the harmful chemicals that others have.  So it is a good idea to read labels and choose these wisely. Look for eco friendly or green dishwashers that use less water and have less of a negative effect on the environment.

Environmentally friendly dishwasher

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