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How to Use a Tumble Dryer

You might think that everyone knows how to use a tumble dryer, but the fact remains that if you learn the right way to use one, there are some tips to save energy for tumble dryers that can save you a considerable amount of money each year.  The first thing that you need to do is determine what type of dryer you have.  You will likely have a heat pump tumble dryer, but you could also have a condenser tumble dryer or a combo tumble dryer that uses a combination of the two.


These large appliances are pretty easy to use.  You place your clothes into them after you are done washing them.  Then you pick the appropriate setting based on the clothing that is in them.  This would mean that you do not use a higher heat setting than you have to.  This is where separating your clothes becomes important.  If you are not separating your clothing and you have jeans in every load, then you have to dry every load longer than if you were to put the jeans in one load and separate the loads by materials that would dry quicker.  This is something else that is easy to manage and will end up saving you money.  Even if you do not have one of the eco-friendly appliances, you can still learn to save money with your tumble dryer by how you use it.

Samsung Condenser Dryer

Tumble dryers have larger drums than most washing machines. Tumble dryers typically have two heat settings, one for cottons and one synthetics. They also have a sensor or timer to control the length of the drying cycle. During the last 10 minutes of the cycle, the heating element is turned off and the fabrics tumble in cooling air back to ambient room temperature. This ends up reducing the effect of static and ‘fibre shock’ – that causes creasing. Some machines have a cool air setting that is used to air fabrics which are stored away for some time.  The tumble dryer also has a filter, often inside of the door, which collects stray fibres and needs to be cleaned out regularly to ensure best drying performance.

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