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Keep Clothes Fresh with Samsung’s New Diamond Drum Tumble Dryer

One of the greatest new inventions to domestic appliances to be introduced to the market is the diamond drum tumble dryer from Samsung.  This special dryer features new technology that is innovative and changing the way that people everywhere look at cleaning appliances.

Samsung Diamond Drum Washers:

  • Diamond Drum™ technology protects your fabrics
  • Take control with the easy-to-read Water Tank Indicator
  • Save energy and hassle with Sensor Drying / Enjoy trouble-free washing with

Gone are the days of snagged clothing that has been ruined in the dryer.  With the new diamond drum tumble dryer technology one would find that the dryer has been purposely made to not snag clothes. This is great for someone who has a lot of high end pieces and would like for them to look new for years to come.  It is suggested that they choose their setting carefully to prevent damages as well but the ability to avoid damages works nicely when one is using this special tumble dryer.

Samsung diamond drum tumble dryer

This new diamond drum tumble dryer is unlike any other heat pump tumble dryer, combo tumble dryer, or condenser tumble dryer on the market.  It features a heat pump technology that will continuously toss your clothes around if you have forgotten them in the dryer.  This means that if you forget a load of laundry it is less likely that the clothing will be wrinkled.  In addition it has numerous settings and special applications including one that is called smart check and will be able to self diagnose problems with the machine.

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