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Moving Home & Moving Appliances

We love appliances and the last thing ApplianceOnline would want is for one of your precious appliance friends to get damaged during a move. Your appliances are a fragile and expensive part of your home. When you are relocating you will need to take them with, but with the threat of transport damage when moving homes be sure to follow these tips for moving your appliances:

  • Take photographs of your appliances before you move house , this way if they are damaged you can show your moving company that the damage must have occurred through transportation
  • Wrap your appliances in Bubble Wrap or blankets
  • Use trolleys to move the appliances, if you don’t have access to a trolley make sure you have enough people to move the appliance
  • Mark your appliances with fragile stickers before the are moved. Be sure to remind your moving company that the product is fragile
  • Place your appliances upright in the moving truck, secure them in place and do not place them upright. Products like fridges will be unusable due to the mercury becoming unsettled.
  • Check your appliances when you move into your new home. Place them in dry areas with enough space around them so that they do not over heat

moving appliances

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