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Ovens and Stoves Glossary


 Air cooled doors: This safety feature allows the oven doors to stay cool while you are cooking. This means you won’t burn yourself if you accidently touch them.






Child-safety lock: With this safety feature children cannot open the oven when the machine is locked.


Conventional: This heating pattern heats the oven from the bottom of the cavity only. This feature is great for baking, as it is hotter at the top of the cavity.




Double Glazed Window: These doors contain a reflective glass that help keep heat trapped inside the oven.


Double oven: Double ovens allow you to cook meals using two separate temperatures.

Dual Fuel:  This oven type combines gas and electric fuel types. This gives you greater heat control and more options while cooking.




Electric Oven: An oven that uses an electric source to cook your foods. This is great for instant heat


Energy Rating: The ranking/rating awarded to an oven for its energy efficiency. A++ is currently the highest energy rating that can be awarded to an oven. The better the energy ranking the better your machine is for the environment, this will also be better for your energy bills.




Fan: A fan circulates the heat around the oven; this helps provide an even cooking temperature.


Flame Safety Device: This is a safety device that monitors the gas flame. If the flame is extinguished accidentally during use then the gas flow will be stopped automatically. This is a brilliant safety feature.

Freestanding: All ovens are freestanding as they slot into any convenient space in your kitchen.


Fully programmable timer: An oven timer that allows you to start and end the cooking time when it is convenient for you to do so.


Gas Oven: A great cooking option that provides controllable heat, especially on the hobs.








Liquid petroleum Gas: Liquid Petroleum gas is an alternative fuel type to traditional gas. LPG consists of propane, propylene, butane, and butylenes in various mixtures


LPG convertible: In the case that you use liquid petroleum gas (LPG) in your home then this appliance is suitable for you as it is easily converted for use in your kitchen.




Main Oven: The larger oven in a double oven appliance is classed as the main oven. The main oven is great for cooking everyday meals and larger items.


Microwave Oven: A handy, smaller version of an oven that is great for heating, reheating, defrosting and grilling.


Minute Minders: A minute minder is a programmable countdown timer that alerts you when you need to remove your food from the oven.


Multifunctional: This type of heating heats from the top and bottom of the oven, it also has a fan that circulates the heat inside the cavity while providing a number of cooking options.






Pan Support Type:  These supports keep pots and pans secure during cooking.


Pyrolytic: This feature burns any stubborn baked on food and grease into ash. This allows it to easily be cleaned up.


Push Button: A type of oven control that must be pushed to work.





Residual Heat Indicator: On an electric oven this illuminated indicator shows when the hob is in use, essentially providing a warning for when the surface is hot.


Requires Hard Wiring: An oven that requires hard wiring does not come with a standard plug. Instead a qualified electrician will be required to install the appliance as it needs to be connected to the main electricity supply in your home




Stay Clean Liners: These liners burn off any baked on food while the cooker is in use.


Secondary Oven: The smaller oven in a double oven appliance. The secondary oven is great for cooking smaller meals or to use when the main oven is already in use.


Single Oven: Great for cooking smaller meals. Single ovens are ideal if you only need to cook using one temperature at a time.


Steam Ovens: In this type of oven steam is used to cook your food. This is considered a healthy alternative to traditional ovens.




Touch control: These oven controls are operated by touch alone.






Watts: A measurement used to measure total electrical power.






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