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Whirlpool 6th Sense Tumble Dryer

The Whirlpool 6th sense tumble dryer is one of the most eco-friendly appliances available today.  It is a condenser tumble dryer that uses less energy than any other on the market.  There are a few reasons that less energy is used.  The biggest one is that it features a function that senses when the clothing is dry.  This means that if the clothes are still damp they will continue to dry longer but if they are completely dry then the dryer will stop preventing it from wasting additional energy for no reason.

Whirlpool 6th Sense technology means each tumble dryer is fitted with special sensors that monitor the humidity levels and automatically adjust the drying cycle, ensuring perfect results and saving time and energy

 Whirlpool tumble dryer

Few large appliances can be thought of as being great for the environment but with all of the features to make this drying for eco conscious it seems that Whirlpool has finally invented a dryer that is completely different than others.  As a condenser dryer it works off of a condenser rather than a heat pump meaning that the condenser attempts to collect the water and dry the clothing out without the use of heat.  This is not one of the cheap appliances and is something that is going to cost more than other versions but when one considers the ease of use and the fact that they will have lower energy bills they might determine that it is a great choice for them.  Whirlpool also has washing machines that are said to be more eco-friendly to match.

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